developed to make the study and search for numbers with special properties more convenient and efficient.

What to do?

Random Input
What to do?
Use the input field on the bottom to enter some properties of numbers. Hit enter to calculate all numbers to 1000 that fullfill your conditions. For example enter
to return all squares to 1000. Or you can use
to return all cubes. You could also enter
dsum == 10
to find all numbers with a digit sum of 10. The power lies in the possibility to combine properties. Enter
square cube dsum == 10
to find all numbers that are squares and cubes and have a digit sum of 10.
Following operators are possible:
== , < , > , >= , <= , !=
Besides the resulting number squence you will see the length of the squence and the seed: The seed is the human-readable input converted into a computer code. You can also enter the code in the terminal. For example use
to display all prime numbers that contain exacly two digits. For further help type
even, odd
even, odd numbers
square, cube
perfect squares, cubes
noprime, prime
(non) prime numbers
power n
number is nth power
exp n
number is nth exponent
mod a b
modulo, x mod b == a
divsum <> n
divisor sum
divrat <> n
ratio of divsum and number
divcount <> n
number of divisors
dsum <> n
dcount <> n
number of distinct digits
omega <> n
number of distinct prime factors
pcount <> n
number of prime factors
gpf <> n
greatest prime factors
lpf <> n
least prime factors
mopf <> n
most occurring prime factors
lopf <> n
least occurring prime factors
random condition

n < 100 : integer value
<> : == , < , > , >= , <= , !=
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